A major share of the world population inhabits cities. Scientific efforts are needed in order to improve the comfort and livability of urban areas. Ecology and technology must synergistically interact to overtake issues associated with the coexistence in limited spaces of biological organisms and man-made artefacts. While urban gardens of any scale greatly contributed in past times to people’s wellbeing, today’s challenge is to make the urban green areas work as an ecosystem.


The VIII International Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture invites to Catania all the experts in ecology, agricultural sciences, botany, horticulture, social science, landscape design, zoology, and geography to share and discuss the most recent advances in urban green infrastructure toward more sustainable and livable cities



Daniela Romano


Francesca Bretzel


Stefania Toscano


Urban horticulture benefits for people

Planning, Design and Policies in cities

Historical landscape in urban areas

Impact of the anthropic activities: interactions and synergie

Urban ecosystem and environmental engineering

Plant functionality and stress in urban ecosystem


15-17 December 2021, Catania, Italy




    Daniela Romano
    University of Catania, Dipartimento Di3A


    Francesca Bretzel
    National Research Council, Research Institute on Terrestrial Ecosystems


    Stefania Toscano
    University of Catania, Dipartimento Di3A