h 9:00 – Opening ceremony
h 9:30 – Angeliki Paraskevopoulou Agricultural University of Athens (Greece): Horticulture, design and ecology how to deal with the urban environment
h 9:50 – Francesco Orsini University of Bologna (Italy): Can cities provide food in the XXI century?


Section I: Urban horticulture benefits for people

h 10:30 – Anna Maria Palsdottir, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences: Sensory experience in nature for supporting human health
h 10:50 – Oral presentations


Section II: Planning, Design and Policies in cities

h 14:00 – Runrid Fox Kämper, Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development (Germany): Policies for food production in cities: from ignorance to cooperation and strategic support
h 14:20 – Oral presentations
h 16:40 – Poster presentations (Section I and II)
h 17:40 – Sarah Eberle, Landscape designer (UK): Urban Gardens – The New Oasis


Section III: Historical landscape in urban areas
h 9:00 – Piero Laureano, UNESCO, Traditional water management for the sustainable city
h 9:20 – Oral presentations


Section IV: Impact of the anthropic activities: interactions and synergies
h 10:50 – Elena Paoletti IRET CNR (Italy), Air pollution and urban green infrastructure
h 11:10 – Oral presentations
h 12:10 – Poster presentations (Section III and IV)


Section V Urban ecosystem and environmental engineering
h 14:00 – Ali Boularbah Cadi Ayyad University Marrakesh (Morocco), Trace element contents, microbial communities and enzymatic activities of urban soils: a case study from the city of Marrakech, Morocco
h 14:20 – Oral presentations


Section VI Plant functionality and stress in urban ecosystem
h 15:30 – Sara Álvarez, Instituto Tecnológico Agrario de Castilla y León (Spain), Benefits of applying deficit irrigation strategies in ornamental plants
h 15:50 – Oral presentations
h 16:50 – Poster presentations (Section V and VI)
h 18:00 – Awards and Conference closure



Section: UrbanFarm