Angeliki Paraskevopoulou


Angeliki Paraskevopoulou is associate professor of Landscape Architecture and Ornamental Plants at the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. Her research includes the study and use of native and spontaneous plant species in landscape plantings, to the enhancement of the local landscape character, as well as the study of people’s preferences in the design of open green spaces such as healing gardens, school grounds, playgrounds, traditional settlements and coastal areas.

Francesco Orsini


Francesco Orsini is associate professor at the Research Centre for Agriculture and Biodiversity in the Urban Environment (RESCUE-AB), Dept. of Agricultural and Food Sciences (DISTAL), University of Bologna, Italy. Francesco is a FAO-UN consultant in urban agriculture projects. He coordinates the European Project FoodE (Food systems in European Cities, funded by EU H2020) and from 2018, Dr. Orsini is the Chair of the Landscape and Urban Horticulture Division of the International Society for Horticultural Sciences (ISHS).

Sarah Eberle


Sarah Eberle is landscape designer, working in many counties of the world. She is landscape and gardens consultant in Sicily, Spain, Norway, France, Monaco and participated to International exhibitions in New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Italy. She is associate of honour of the Royal Horticultural Society and obtained 17 RHS Gold Medals at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Anna Maria Palsdottir


Anna María Pálsdóttir is researcher and senior lecturer at the Department of Work Science, Business Economics and Environmental Psychology (AEM), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden. Her interests are related to conceptual development and scientific evaluations of nature-based and nature-supported interventions and sustainable places for health and well-being. Further, she studies nature-based vocational training for newly arrived migrant funded by the Swedish Employment Services.

Runrid Fox-Kämper


Runrid Fox-Kämper is senior researcher at the ILS – Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development of Federal State of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. Her research interests cover the position of green infrastructure and especially of urban agriculture in urban development and the adaptation of residential areas to social and climate change.

Piero Laureano


Pietro Laureano is architect, urban planner and landscape architect, is UNESCO consultant on arid areas, water management, Islamic civilization, rocky hewn architecture, and endangered ecosystems. He is President and CEO of IPOGEA, Research Centre on Local and Traditional Knowledge. President of International Traditional Knowledge Institute (ITKI).

Elena Paoletti


Elena Paoletti is researcher at the Institute of Research on Terrestrial Ecosystems, National Research Council (IRET-CNR), Italy. Her interests are related to forest ecophysiology with focus on the impacts of air pollution and climate change on forests. She studies the monitoring of forest responses to climate change drivers and the assessment of ozone risk to vegetation in a changing climate from individual level to the global scale.

Ali Boularbah


Ali Boularbah is professor in Environmental Microbiology and Toxicology at Faculté des Sciences et Techniques de Marrakech, University Cadi-Ayyad, Morocco. Since July 2018, he became an affiliated Professor at University Mohammed VI Polytechnic. His research interests are mainly focused on the dynamic of trace elements in soil-plant systems; urban agriculture and urban and suburban soils.

Sara Álvarez


Sara Álvarez is researcher (DOC INIA) at the Technological Agriculture Institute of Castilla y León, (ITACyL), Spain. Her interests are related to the physiological and morphological response to different levels of deficit irrigation and salinity in several species in order to evaluate their adaptability to such conditions. Also the tolerance level to salinity and the physiological and biochemical mechanisms of several species irrigated with saline and reclaimed water are topics developed in her researches.